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Passive Attenuators

An attenuator is a two port resistive network designed to weaken or “attenuate” (hence their name) the power being supplied by a source to a level that is suitable for

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Asynchronous Counter

An Asynchronous counter can have 2n-1 possible counting states e.g. MOD-16 for a 4-bit counter, (0-15) making it ideal for use in Frequency Division applications. But it is also possible to use

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Switching Theory

Switching Theory allows us to understand the operation and relationship between Boolean Algebra and two-level logic functions with regards to Digital Logic Gates. Switching theory can be used to further develop

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L-pad Attenuator

The difference this time is that this type of attenuator is used in frequency dependent circuits to create loss (attenuation) in a transmission line or to match the impedances of

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