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We have gathered together below a collection of free Electronics Tools, Simulators, Calculators and Resources from various sources which every electrical engineer or student can use in their daily work to help design and simulate their electronic circuits.

We hope you find these electronics tools and online simulators useful for building your own personal and professional projects making your circuit design and simulation will be much more easier. If you have any suggestions or recommendations for improving our existing range of electronics tools or additional tools you would like to see in our collection below, then please feel free to get in touch.


Passive Tools

Resistor Calculators

4-Band Colour Code – eeweb.com/tools/4-band-resistor-calculator
5-Band Colour Code – eeweb.com/tools/5-band-resistor-calculator
6-Band Colour Code – eeweb.com/tools/6-band-resistor-calculator
Standard Resistor Values – eeweb.com/tools/resistor-tables

Coil and Wire Calculators

Standard Inductor Values – www.eeweb.com/tools/inductor-tables
Magnetic Field Calculator – www.eeweb.com/tools/magnetic-field-calculator
Wire Self Inductance – www.eeweb.com/tools/wire-self-inductance-calculator
Parallel Wires – www.eeweb.com/tools/parallel-wire-inductance
Coax Cables – www.eeweb.com/tools/coax-inductance
Wire over Plane – www.eeweb.com/tools/wire-over-plane-inductance
Loop Inductance – www.eeweb.com/tools/loop-inductance
Rectangular Loop – https://www.eeweb.com/tools/rectangle-loop-inductance
Coil Inductance – www.eeweb.com/tools/coil-inductance
Broadside-Coupled Traces – www.eeweb.com/tools/broadside-trace-inductance
Edge-Coupled Traces – www.eeweb.com/tools/edge-coupled-trace-inductance
Twisted Pair – eeweb.com/tools/twisted-pair


RF Tools

Impedance Matching Calculators

L-Match Attenuator – eeweb.com/tools/l-match
Pi-Match Attenuator – eeweb.com/tools/pi-match
T-Match Attenuator – eeweb.com/tools/t-match
Coax Impedance – eeweb.com/tools/coax
Microstrip Crosstalk – https:/eeweb.com/tools/microstrip
Stripline Crosstalk – eeweb.com/tools/stripline
RF Unit Converter – eeweb.com/tools/rf-unit-converter


PCB Tools and Software

Schematic Capture & Layout

PCBweb CAD Design – pcbweb.com
PartSim Simulator – partsim.com
Internal Trace Width – eeweb.com/tools/internal-trace-width-calculator-pcb
External Trace Width – eeweb.com/tools/external-pcb-trace-width
Trace Resistance – eeweb.com/tools/trace-resistance
Internal Trace Current – eeweb.com/tools/internal-pcb-trace-max-current
External Trace Current – eeweb.com/tools/external-pcb-trace-max-current

PCB Impedance Calulators

Microstrip – eeweb.com/tools/microstrip
Embedded Microstrip – eeweb.com/tools/embedded-microstrip-impedance
Symmetric Stripline – eeweb.com/tools/symmetric-stripline-impedance
Asymmetric Stripline – eeweb.com/tools/asymmetric-stripline-impedance
Wire Microstrip – eeweb.com/tools/wire-microstrip-impedance
Wire Stripline – eeweb.com/tools/wire-stripline-impedance
Edge-Coupled Microstrip – eeweb.com/tools/edge-coupled-microstrip-impedance
Edge-Coupled Stripline – eeweb.com/tools/edge-coupled-stripline-impedance
Broadside Coupled Stripline – eeweb.com/tools/broadside-coupled-stripline-impedance


Schematic Tools and Simulators

Schematic Editors

SPICE Simulator – partsim.com
CircuitLab – circuitlab.com
DoCircuits – docircuits.com
SchemeIt – digikey.com/schemeit
SPICE Schematics – ischematics.com
Schematic Capture Tool – schematics.com
Schematics Converter – schematics.io
Schematic Circuits – next.gr
Datasheets – datasheets.com


Maths Helpers

Math Calculators

Basic Calculator – eeweb.com/tools/basic-calculator
Scientific Calculator – eeweb.com/tools/online-scientific-calculator
Alegbra Reference Sheet – eeweb.com/tools/algebra-reference-sheet
Geometry Reference Sheet – eeweb.com/tools/geometry-reference-sheet
Trigonometry Definitions – eeweb.com/tools/trigonometry-definition-reference-sheet
Trigonometry Laws – eeweb.com/tools/trigonometry-laws-and-identities-sheet
Calculus – eeweb.com/tools/calculus-derivatives-and-limits-reference-sheet
Calculus Integrals – eeweb.com/tools/calculus-integrals-sheet


Engineering Graph Papers

Online Graph Paper Tools

Engineering Graph Paper – eeweb.com/tools/engineering-graph-paper
Log/Log Graph Paper – eeweb.com/tools/log-log-graph-paper
Semi-Log Graph Paper – eeweb.com/tools/semi-log-graph-paper
Smith Chart Graph Paper – eeweb.com/tools/smith-chart

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